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 Doors, windows or garage no longer close? Cabinets, pictures no longer look straight? Brick or sheetrock cracks appearing? Pipes leaking or Bursting?  Below are some of your more common culprits.

Settling Over time settling occurs and in most cases its a gradual sinking of the property.  Although settling is not something to worry about, its important to know how to tell when your house is settling so you know when to call for help.

Broken or Leaking Pipes One of the most common reasons for a foundation problem is plumbing leaks. Your home's pipes aren't just in the walls, but they also stretch down into the foundation. If a pipe cracks, any flowing water will enter the foundation area. Overtime, even a small plumbing leak creates an expensive foundation repair.
Initial construction Poor construction planning. sub quality materials, poor workmanship can lead to expensive foundations repairs.
poor construction
Landscaping Planting trees to close to the building can lead to future problems, root growth can lead to shifting, and or cracking your foundation leading to unexpected repairs. This is also true when properly drainage your landscape, as it can also cause settling and shifting.
Extreme Weather Extreme weather such as flooding, fires, drought, etc.. can lead to foundation shifting, erosion, and or cracking. Crowne Foundation has experience in repairing weather related damage to properties. We work in conjuction with your home insurance.